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Bird Training

In Home Bird Consultation

Vicki will come to your home to work with you one on one with your parrot or bird. These sessions can be for working on a specific behavior issue you are having with your bird, basic training exercises or enrichment and cage set up.

$100, 1 1/2 hour session

Phone or Skype Bird Consultation

If you are out of the area or have a difficult time with scheduling, Vicki also offers phone or Skype Consults.  These sessions can be for working on a specific behavior issue your are having with your bird or for basic training exercises or enrichment and cage set up.

$75 per hour

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Vicki Ronchette has lived with birds almost as long as she has lived with dogs.  The majority of birds that we work with are parrots, but we are also happy to work with other birds as well.  Whether you have a parrot that has a specific behavior issue that you need help with, you want to train some basic behaviors or you need help with enrichment for your parrots or cage set up, we can help!

Vicki uses the same positive reinforcement methods to train birds as she uses with dogs and other animals.  She has had the opportunity to work with many different types of birds and to learn from some of the best and most well respected animal trainers and behaviorists in the world through lectures, workshops, seminars or training sessions including Lara Joseph, Susan Friedman, Barbara Heidenreich, Steve Martin, Scott Echols, DVM, Brian Speer, DVM, Lisa Clifton-Bumpass, Kay Laurence, Bob Bailey and Ken Ramirez.  In 2012, she completed Dr. Susan Friedman’s Living and Learning with Animals Course. In 2013, she went to the Animal Behavior Center in Ohio and completed two days of Lara Joseph’s Day with the Trainer where she worked one on one with Lara and her birds. In 2015, she completed Natural Encounters Contemporary Animal Training and Management program. She volunteers for Native Bird Connections, working with and helping to educate the public about raptors.  


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